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agriculture Agriculture

Students International partners short-term outreach participants with long-term missionary professionals to serve those in need through specific occupational ministries. Below is a description of those ministries where Students International is sharing the Good News in the area of Agriculture.



Agriculture in Guatemala

Participants who come to the Agriculture Ministry Site in Guatemala will be visiting homes and people in the fields in and around the community of Magdalena to do a variety of different agricultural projects. Some activities include vaccinations of farm animals, animal castration, building chicken coups and pig pens. All of the projects are completed in cooperation with a group that Pastor Mario (SI Ministry Site leader) has formed in order to provide continued training in the agricultural field, veterinarian advice, as well as biblical instruction. These projects provide long term sustainability for the families who are helped. Team Members will have the opportunity to talk with the families, share their personal testimonies and share Bible verses. There is a lot of walking involved in this site. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Guatemala.

Outreach Dates

"This opportunity has become a key ingredient in a healthy discipleship diet for our students (and parents) who are ready to take a few more steps in their journey with Christ.”

Steve Duyst, Pastor, Tulare Community Church, Tulare, CA

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