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art-media Art & Media

Students International partners short-term outreach participants with long-term missionary professionals to serve those in need through specific occupational ministries.  Below is a list of those ministries where Students International is sharing the Good News through work in the area of Art & Media.


Art School in Guatemala

In the Guatemala Art site, we work with 20 students, ages 8-17 in an art school setting. The art school works with kids from low income families and some of the kids are not able to attend additional schooling. In the art school, we teach drawing, painting, and crafts, but more than that we teach children about God.  That is our main mission. Every time we receive short-term team members, we work with different projects related to art that create opportunities to get to know our Guatemalan culture. Our main projects include:

  • Forming relationships with the team members and the art students of Magdalena. The team members will have the opportunity to teach an art/craft class. With this project, our goal is to provide direct contact with the students and to interact with them
  • Preparation of canvases. Team members cut, prepare, nail, and paint canvases for the art school students to work on. This is to help the young kids who are not able to construct them themselves.
  • We visit with various houses during team member’s participation in order for team members to be able to take part in different aspects of our culture.
  • We also paint a mural during a 2-week outreach in a house of a family in Magdalena.
  • People who consider working in the art school are people who should be ready to share with children, learn and participate in Guatemalan culture.

Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Guatemala.

Outreach Dates

“We will miss the men and women who, in only two short weeks, made more of an impact on us that we ever could have on them.”

Allan Schuler, Joshua Wilderness Institute, Hume, CA

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