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heath-care Health Care

Students International partners short-term outreach participants with long-term missionary professionals to serve those in need through specific occupational ministries. Below is a description of those ministries where Students International is sharing the Good News in the area of Health Care.


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Health Care Clinic in the Dominican Republic

Our medical site sees patients in the local public hospital and a private clinic.  Students at this site will help with patient care, observe the public health system, assist with vaccination programs and aide in community health education. We also lead medical outreaches in rural communities where health care is less accessible and affordable. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Dominican Republic.

Health Care (in the Dominican Republic Community Health)

The community health site operates in the local rural communities surrounding Jarabacoa. In addition to regularly scheduled medical clinics, the site also helps to educate people on healthcare, nutrition, baby care, personal hygiene, and other health related issues. Students can expect to participate and plan presentations alongside the site leader for the medical clinics. Students will also have many opportunities to experience the Dominican culture through home and community visits. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Dominican Republic.

Health Care in Guatemala

The clinic is located in the new Community Center near El Gorrion. The Center serves the poor, under-resourced community as well as neighboring towns. Currently participants help to welcome patients, assist in taking vital signs and help sort pharmaceutical drugs for distribution to patients. Working in the clinic provides a unique opportunity to learn how to examine and diagnose patients through hands-on education with our Guatemalan Doctor, Sara Romero. Team members will also be involved in our health education program, teaching health classes to students and parents in the school in El Gorrion. Team members also get a taste of different aspects of health care as they observe surgeries  in a nearby hospital and visit a nursing home. Another large part of our ministry is to do follow up visits in the homes of patients who have encountered God in our clinic. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Guatemala.

Health Care in Nicaragua

This is a partnership site with First Baptist Church of Masaya's Medical Clinic. The site works with poor, rural people who have medical needs. Many of these people attend the local church and will be attended by local Nicaraguan doctors from the church. Participants will be involved with helping in the Clinic. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Nicaragua.

Outreach Dates

“...God has been showing me through the SI staff and the Dominican people what true ministry is all about. Ministry is about relationships, not just tasks; and even more than that it’s about being open to God using you in whatever way possible.”

Nick Zavala, Student, Joshua Wilderness Institute, Hume, CA

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