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microfinance Microfinance

Students International partners short-term outreach participants with long-term missionary professionals to serve those in need through specific occupational ministries. Below is a description of those ministries where Students International is sharing the Good News in the area of Microfinance.



Microfinance in the Dominican Republic

Our microfinance ministry works with women in several communities around Jarabacoa. The site provides savings accounts, small business loans, and financial education to women with the deliberate intention of sharing The Gospel.  Women in the program go through an education period of 4 weeks and then receive small loans averaging $200.  In weekly meetings thereafter, they have a Bible study, discuss issues in their businesses, and pay back their loans.  In addition to the weekly meetings, the site reaches out to the women thru personal visits and spiritual care. Participants help in every aspect of the site, and can expect to be challenged both spiritually and socially, as you visit some of the poorest areas where SI ministers. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Dominican Republic.

Microfinance in Nicaragua

This site will help poor women, giving micro loans to start small businesses to help support their families. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Nicaragua.

Microfinance in Guatemala

Team Members will have the opportunity to work in all aspects of the micro-loan program, including encouraging and praying for borrowers through home visits, assisting in loan applications and payment collections, and leading bi-weekly Bible studies. SI also provides support to the borrowers so Team Members may help with hands-on projects such as chicken vaccinations or chicken coop construction. This lending program focuses primarily on women and families in Magdalena, El Gorrion and San Miguel by extending loans of $130 – $1250 for income-generating projects. Through the loans, SI hopes to help families on their journey out of poverty and to empower them for future success. Additionally, Team Members may be involved in two small businesses that the microfinance site administers: animal feed and our hand-made greeting card production named Guatemala Greetings (www.GuatemalaGreetings.com). Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Guatemala.

Micro-Enterprise in Costa Rica

Working with women in Los Guido, La Capri, and Las Fuentes teaching basic business principles such as: writing a business plan, writing and keeping a budget, accounting, marketing, etc. This site works with women to help them secure small business loans to launch and/or grow their various business ideas. This site also includes an English class for the ladies and provides a safe place for them to receive love and support. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Costa Rica.

Outreach Dates

“We will miss the men and women who, in only two short weeks, made more of an impact on us that we ever could have on them.”

Allan Schuler, Joshua Wilderness Institute, Hume, CA

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