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physical-therapy Physical Therapy

Students International partners short-term outreach participants with long-term missionary professionals to serve those in need through specific occupational ministries. Below is a description of those ministries where Students International is sharing the Good News in the area of Physical Therapy.


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Dominican Republic Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Ministry site focus is to provide physical therapy to those in the community who normally would not be able to receive our services due to socio economics. Our goals are to build relationships with the patients and their families as an avenue for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Outreach team members work with the therapist to assist and treat patients, build relationships, and share the gospel through action and word. Students are shown how they can share the word of God with others amidst their profession, while patients are blessed by receiving care for their physical and spiritual ailments. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Dominican Republic.

Outreach Dates

"This opportunity has become a key ingredient in a healthy discipleship diet for our students (and parents) who are ready to take a few more steps in their journey with Christ.”

Steve Duyst, Pastor, Tulare Community Church, Tulare, CA

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