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costa-rica Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country known for its rich agricultural land, beautiful beaches and lush tropical rain forests. Since the 19th Century only two brief periods of political conflict have interrupted its development as a democracy. Much of the land is under agricultural production with coffee, bananas and pineapple being harvested in vast amounts. The countries infrastructure has been able to support growth in technology and tourism which has aided in the development of this Central American country. Spanish is the national language however there are small pockets of indigenous people who have kept their native language.


Costa Rica Ministry Sites

Construction (Woodshop)

Working at a carpentry shop, located in Los Guido. Teaching at risk youth basic woodworking skills while assisting in various small projects and working alongside apprentices in larger projects such as building furniture. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Construction.


Assisting at a tutoring center located in Los Guido. Will work with school age children to develop their learning abilities through tutoring and exploratory learning activities. Includes activities such as art, English class, and a girls group for young adolescent girls. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Education.

Social Work

Partnering with a multi-faceted ministry in Las Fuentes, working with children, youth and their families. Activities may include: teaching English, tutoring, various sports, aerobic classes, visiting the sick and elderly, etc. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Social Work.

Women's Social Work & Micro-Enterprise

Working with women in Los Guido, La Capri, and Las Fuentes teaching basic business principles such as: writing a business plan, writing and keeping a budget, accounting, marketing, etc. This site works with women to help them secure small business loans to launch and/or grow their various business ideas. This site also includes an English class for the ladies and provides a safe place for them to receive love and support. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Microfinance.

Sports & Recreation

Working with children and youth in various recreational activities. The most popular sport is soccer, but we also integrate ping-pong, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and general fitness. Also includes working with a group of boys in a bicycle club. Learn more about how Students International is ministering in Sports.

Costa Rica 2014 Outreach Dates

Start DateEnd DateOutreach TypeFees
Mar 2 Mar 10 9 Day $895+Airfare & Travel Insurance
Mar 15  Mar 23 9 Day $895+Airfare & Travel Insurance
May 10 May 17 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance
May 26 Jun 7 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance
Jun 9 Jun 21 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance
Jun 23 Jul 5 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance
Jul 7 Jul 19 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance
Jul 21 Aug 2 13 Day $1,095+Airfare & Travel Insurance

Outreach Dates

"This opportunity has become a key ingredient in a healthy discipleship diet for our students (and parents) who are ready to take a few more steps in their journey with Christ.”

Steve Duyst, Pastor, Tulare Community Church, Tulare, CA

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