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Apply for an Outreach

Welcome! This is where you apply for an outreach as a Team Leader or Individual Participant to go on any of the programs to any of the coutries where we serve. All team leaders and participants must complete the online application in order to participate in our programs. The application will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and all questions should be answered carefully. You can begin now and finish it later; however, once the completed application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to go back and change it.  Thanks! We look forward to ministering with you.  

NOTE: If you have already completed the online application and you need to check for updates, Login here.Login here.

Team Leaders 

Team leaders must sign up before particpants on the team can apply. Team leaders should contact the International Service Center to receive their Team ID. The Team ID has to be provided to team participants for them to apply as part of your team.

Team Members and Individual Participants

If you are applying to come as part of a team, you need a Team ID to begin the application process. Ask your team leader for your Team ID. If you are applying to come on your own - without a team from a church or school - then you may leave the "Team ID" field blank. We will e-mail you once we've received your completed application.

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"This opportunity has become a key ingredient in a healthy discipleship diet for our students (and parents) who are ready to take a few more steps in their journey with Christ.”

Steve Duyst, Pastor, Tulare Community Church, Tulare, CA

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